Outdoor Wintertennis membership rules

    1.         The Winter membership runs from October 15 until March 31, 2020. The Winter               membership will be automatically terminated on the last mentioned date.


    2.         You have until December 31, 2020 to register for the Frans Otten Stadion Winter                         membership


    3.         The fee is € 90,-- per person per membership.


    4.         The Winter membership is personal and not transferable to third parties.


    5.         Each member receives a personalized Account with photo and membershipnumber.


    6.         The Frans Otten Stadion can rent out all the courts for events. There is therefore limited or no     possibility of play.


    7.         Winter members can play on all the vacant Outdoor tennis courts at the Frans Otten Stadion.


    8.         Two Winter members can reserve a tennis court up to one clock hour before their starting            time, stating name and membershipnumber.


    9.         Winter members can only book a court again after their last reservation has expired.


    10.       If a member plays with someone who is not a member, the person who is not a member pays       half of the current court fee as an introduction price.


    11.       You can not play with rain or if there is water on the courts.


    12.       You can not play on courts that are frozen or when there is snow on the courts.


    13.       Use the mat to wipe the court after playing and throw away garbage .



    Opening times Outdoor courts

    Monday to Friday         09.00 - 23.00
    Saturday and Sunday  09.00 - 20.00

    November and December
    Monday to Friday         12.00 -  22.00
    Saturday and Sunday  12.00 - 20.00


    January and February
    Monday to Friday         12.00 - 22.00
    Saturday and Sunday  12.00 - 20.00

    Monday to Friday         10.00 - 22.00
    Saturday and Sunday  10.00 - 20.00