With 5 indoor-tennis courts, equipped with Tennisfloor-Pro, and 15 outdoor courts, the Frans Otten Stadion is the place where every tennis lover can let off some steam. Due to the high ceiling and the pleasant acoustics, the Frans Otten Stadion is also extremely suitable for large and small events.

It is always possible to reserve a court and come and play tennis, but of course we also work with memberships. There is a difference between the summer and winter memberships.

Would you like to come and play tennis with a group in combination with an arrangement? Send an email to to discuss the possibilities.

If you have any other questions pleasedo not hesitate to contact us!

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Summer season

During the summer season, starting on April 1st til October 1st, we offer the indoor summer membership. A membership where you can play unlimitedly on all of the vacant indoor tennis courts of the Frans Otten Stadion for only €175 per person for the entire season.

With the summer membership there is also room to invite friends, colleagues and/or acquaintances for a game of tennis! For half of the regular fee you can invite them to the tennis court!

Winter season

During the winter season we work on the basis of a contract. The winter season runs from October 1st till the 1st of April. With the winter contract you are bound to a specific day and a fixed timefor the entire season.