Attention Soccer and squashplayers!

SoccerSquash is the new sensation when it comes to (soccer)ball sports. This fast growing sport is ideal for players who like to combine ball control, tricks and shooting techniques. Besides these aspects, SoccerSquash is a mental, conditional and above all, tactical sport as well.
SoccerSquash reminds you of your childhood when you and your friends were used to kick a ball against a wall.
Only now we have added rules to it and a new sport was born!


The court Fee is the same as the squashcourt fee. The fee is excluding the soccersquashball. 
Soccersquashbal rent € 4,- a ball

What is Soccersquash?

SoccerSquash is a combination of soccer (football) and squash and must be played with a special SoccerSquash ball on a regular squash court. 

During the game you have to kick the ball against the wall in a way that it is difficult or impossible for your opponent to return. You are allowed to touch the ball max three times and the ball may bounce only one time. It is also possible to return the ball without bouncing, which gives the rally more speed and pressure for your opponent. You may touch the ball with your entire body except for your arms and hands. When this happens the point is for your opponent.