Covid-19 Precautions

    Thankfully we can still continue to play

    mouthcovers are mandatory in the stadium ! 

    Dear Costumer,
    All indoor sports are cancelled until the 19th of januari 2021.
    The rental of outdoor tenniscourts is still possible. You can reserve a outdoor tenniscourt by using our online reservationssystem on


    * Only free play ( with a maximum of 2 people per court) and training ( with a maximum of 2 people exclusive a trainer per court) on the outside courts and on the inside courts are allowed.

    * you may only come to the park if you have hired/reserved a court in advance or have a training.

    * Come 5 minutes prior to your reservation and after signing in at the frontdesk, walk immediately to the court. Waiting or sitting in the restaurant is not possible. 

    * Return home immediatly after playing.

    * Unfortunatly, spectators are not allowed to come.

    * The restaurant and the changing rooms are closed.


    Squash is closed until the 19'th of januari.